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Weight Loss

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

We’ve all seen the “lose weight” advertisements promising “instant” results and that picture-perfect figure. Many individuals have spent more than they are proud of on weight-loss solutions. These range from magic tablets to expensive machines or creams. The most popular weight-loss solution of the modern day is detox-tea. A tea designed to help you get…

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11 Signs That Your Blood Sugar is Out of Control

Are you feeling dizzy? Or maybe you feel like all your energy has been completely drained? The question you need to ask is, what’s your blood sugar level? When last did you check it? Maintaining the right level of blood sugar is key to healthy living. When your body experiences high or low blood sugar,…

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Studies Link Diet Soda To Higher Health Risks

Studies Link Diet Soda To Higher Health Risks Many Americans have been attempting to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This includes switching from typical sugary beverages to diet drinks. This has been happening more and more over the last few decades. As soon as everyone realized the dangers of soda and the high sugar content, the…

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The Effect of Obesity on the Human Brain

About 2 billion people around the globe are overweight and many of these are obese. That’s 20% of the population. Considering the implications of obesity on our health, this is bad news. We already know that excess body weight negatively affects diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and some strains of cancer. However, what we don’t know much…

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